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Advanced planning
We can assist you with the advanced planning of all your memorial needs.

Today, people of all ages are recognizing the benefits of advanced memorial planning. By planning ahead, you will relieve both an emotional and financial burden from those you love and you can express your own wishes.

A private mausoleum is the ultimate tribute to the achievements of an individual or family. Once reserved for only the wealthy, today’s mausoleums are preassembled providing affordability to everyone. Private mausoleums are a sensible investment which provide a peaceful, maintenance free resting place.

Private mausoleums are available in exterior, vestibule and custom designs. All types can accommodate one or more persons. Exterior mausoleums are preassembled and provide the most affordability.

Vestibule mausoleums feature an indoor walk-in vestibule, bronze doors, stained glass windows, an alter, resting bench or flower shelf. Personalized, custom designed private mausoleums constructed to your exact specifications are also available.

Cremation Memorials
Cremation memorials serve a double purpose. They are used as the main memorial marking the final resting place and serve as a niche (compartment) for the entombment of an urn and cremated remains.

The cremated remains are placed into the memorial and permanently sealed. Cremation memorials can be designed for one or more persons.

Veterans Services
If you or your loved one has served in the military, they will receive a beautiful bronze plaque from the government. You have a few options for placing that plaque and we can help you design the perfect memorial for your loved one.

Over the decades, Tunkhannock Monument Co. has worked with the Veteran’s groups, non-profits, governments, and commercial entities to design and install beautifully timeless memorials that are cherished and held dear by the community.

Monument Cleaning
When memorials are placed, they are subject to weather and surrounding natural elements such as plants or trees. We uses an environmentally friendly cleaner that is designed to both clean and preserve your monument. Cleanings can be scheduled for our spring and fall dates.

Foundation Repair
If your monument has had some damage to the foundation, then give us a call, we can re-set your stone on a solid cement foundation that will last for years.

Cemetery Lights
We have a selection of cemetery approved solar lights to brighten your loved one’s memorial.


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Purchasing a memorial is unique from any other purchase you will make. When most families walk in our door, they either have a basic idea of what they are looking for or they are starting completely from scratch. Our goal is to guide both groups of people through the necessary steps to design a perfect memorial for your beloved.

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